Pacific Press Company provides rental filter presses and support equipment for turnkey dewatering requirements. Filter presses, feed pumps and solids handling equipment are available in skid mounted and trailer mounted confi gurations. Rentals are available for several weeks to annual contracts.

: Trailer Mounted Units :

Self contained filter presses can be mounted to truck trailers for added mobility. Auxiliary items include sludge conveyors, precoat and bodyfeed tanks, mixers, pumps lighting and an air compressor. Trailers are available for rentals or sale.


Several trailer mounted units are available with support skids. The configuration shown provides a total of 6000 gallons of tank processing capacity. Pretreatment such as Precoat and bodyfeed filter aids can be used to enhance flow rates and filtration.


Tank bottoms, coke fines and other process operations sometimes require large capacity filter presses in order to reduce cleaning & processing time.


Lagoons, Ponds and remediation sites may require temporary processing capacity. Pacific Press Co. trailer presses are able to provide centrifugal pumps to assist air diaphragm pumps by "fast filling" the filter, therefore reducing the process time.


: Pump Skids :

At Pacific Press Company we have partnered with leading pump manufacturers to provide dependable centrifugal, air and electric operated diaphragm pumps to match your individual application.

Pump Skid Model Number Size & Type Flow Rate Pressure Rating Weight
FAS20L1-C4 2-inch SS Simplex 75 gpm 100 psi 250 lbs
FAS30H2-C3 3-inch Duplex 250 gpm 225 psi 650 lbs
FC-G262 2-inch Abel 40 gpm 225 psi 1500 lbs
FTS40L3-S1 6-inch Triplex pump 850 gpm 225 psi 7,000 lbs



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